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Case Study
Marietta’s Quilt and Sew

The Project

Marietta’s Quilt And Sew (MQAS) is a fantastic quilt shop located in Simpsonville, SC. Winn Creative Co. worked with their staff to analyze their current online marketing efforts, create a social strategy, and grow an online presence that increases their event participation and sales.

If you are a results-oriented person, you can scroll down to the results section and skip all the details. If you want to know exactly what I did and ideas you can apply to your own business, keep reading.

One-on-One Consult

My first initiative with MQAS was to determine their current marketing status and where there were gaps in their efforts.

Digital Marketing Audit

I reviewed MQAS’s existing online presence, including their website, email newsletter, and Facebook page, and took notes.

Discuss Findings

This is my absolute favorite part because it is such an eye-opening moment for the client. It’s incredibly rewarding to bring clarity to an unfamiliar, and therefore overwhelming area in their business.


After discussing my recommendations for improving their marketing, MQAS decided it wasn’t something they had the availability or confidence to handle themselves. Thus began our management relationship.

The Problem

The main gap I found in their marketing was the lack of connecting what was happening in the store with their Facebook. Let me tell you, this shop has AHmazing classes going on, on top of that, they have new beautiful fabric arriving almost weekly as well great machines with regular sales. How are their customers going to know what they’re missing when they aren’t in the shop if Facebook isn’t showing them?

The Solution

Content Creation

Content creation is a key aspect of any marketing plan. I first determined what aspects of their business needed to be shared then drafted a content list that could and should be created. Here’s a list of what needed to be promoted and the content created for it:


New Fabrics

  • Photos of new fabrics in the shop
  • Photos of fabrics on sale


  • Photos and videos of classes,
  • Testimonies from happy class attendees
  • Flyers and social media posts promoting upcoming classes
  • Photos and/or flyers of projects used for upcoming classes
  • Bios + photos of employees and staff highlighting their knowledge and friendliness

Sewing Machines

  • Photos of machines in the shop
  • Flyers and social media posts of machines currently on sale
  • Demo videos showing particular aspects of the machines
  • Highlight opportunities to test the machines and friendliness

The Results

Within the first month of Winn Creative Co. taking over the management the MQAS’s Facebook page, they have seen a significant increase in reach, engagement, and page likes, specifics noted below. Their class signups machine sales have both gone up, and their shop reviews on Facebook have also increased (all reviews positive).


Increase in Reach


Increase in Engagement


Increase in Page Likes


Increase in Video Views

Key Takeways

There are a few key takeaways from this case study. First, what are the key aspects of your business that generate sales? For MQAS it was their classes, fabrics, and machines. Yours might be your product, knowledge, and personality. It’s not so much about pushing your product, it’s about what you have to offer the connects you to your audience. What do they not want to miss?

Second, what content can you share on social media that showcases your key aspects? People want to feel connected to you and they need to be reminded of what they’re missing when they aren’t giving you attention. For MQAS, it’s the fun classes. Yours might be the live Q&A you hosted on your specific topic. Or maybe it’s a product release. Think about what content you can produce to support your purpose. And if you can’t think of anything, give me a call.

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