Jessica Ballou Testimony

“I was very impressed by Katie, her promptness and her thoroughness when it came to my blog review. She was honest about areas I could improve, but she wrote about it in a way that was respectful and helpful, not condescending or rude. She is always upbeat, and she was also quick to respond to any questions I had. She provided such helpful links, tips and articles, and she really helped my readership double across various social media outlets. You can tell she knows what she’s doing, but she’s so down to earth that you feel like she’s just one of your close friends helping you out instead of a person you’ve never really met. I was very happy with her thorough review of my blog, and her Facebook group was more helpful than I could accurately describe. I had a great time working with Katie, and I’d highly recommend her services to anyone. She went above and beyond my expectations, and I just couldn’t be happier with the direction in which my blog is going now.”

Jessica BallouBlogger of Beyoutiful Beauty

“Katie was absolutely wonderful and helped give me a clear, concise vision of what I want to come from my small business in a mere 60 minutes. I began our collaboration process feeling unsure of what I wanted out of my business, anxious to start and scared of how in the world I was going to learn everything. I left feeling energized, excited and unstoppable. I highly recommend Katie’s services to anyone and everyone. I’ll shout that girl’s name from the rooftops.”

Kayli SchattnerOwner of The Passion Punch

“Katie’s consultation and review of my blog was extremely helpful. She was very thorough with her preview questions and took the time to learn about me and my blog. She gave me so many great ideas to improve my blog and move to the next level. Those ideas really challenged me to make some major changes. Not only did she offer advice, she noticed when I implemented many of her suggestions and took the time to make sure all my questions were answered and I got the most out of my experience with her. I cannot recommend her consulting services enough.”

Rebecca ChapmanChloe + Isabel Stylist & Blogger

“Katie’s blog review was more than I could have ever expected. She took the time to go over every single detail of my blog and social media. It’s helped me be a more confident blogger and The Hungry Goat has improved ten folds in design, content and in promotion. I highly recommend Katie if your blog needs a little sprucing or direction or just so you can talk to her, because she’s also a super cool person.”

Katie CyrilWriter/Blogger

“Katie came in and asked a LOT of questions, and then set up the software tools and processes we really needed to put in place to cover all our brands in various social avenues. Then, she spent a day with all the staff members who would touch our social media in one form or another, the subject matter experts, the graphics team, the photographers, and the marketing team to show us all how it needs to work.┬áKatie knows her stuff, and it was a pleasure to work with her.”

Fabric Editions Inc.Small Business
Emily round

“Katie definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to blogging and social media. She doesn’t just go over your main page but also helps you improve each individual page on your navbar. After receiving my blog review and talking to her on the Google+ hangout I was more inspired to blog than I’ve ever been.”

Emily FintaGraphic Designer