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Our mission is to help your business blossom.

What does that even mean? 

It means we meet you where you are and help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to take your business to the next step.


We figure out the current state of your marketing and help you build the path to move forward. You can't make progress without knowing where you stand and how to proceed. Click to learn more.


You have a lot of important tasks to deal with when it comes to managing your business. Pass off your least favorite (and maybe least equipped to manage) and let us handle them for you. Click to learn more.

After years of managing social media and marketing for multiple businesses, including my own personal blog, I'm bringing my skills to businesses I care about.

(I'm talking about yours!)

I see what you've been working on. You're hella good at what you do and you just know you have what it takes to build the business you've been dreaming about. I know you do. I believe in you. But there are some holes in your plans and you either don't see them or don't know how to fill them. You have a great product or service but you are missing that secret internet juju that takes you to the next level.

Don't you worry, because I have what you need. I've spent years helping businesses establish goals and exceed them. I can help you develop a Facebook strategy that increases revenue. I can teach you how to triple your blog views. And if you just feel lost, I can even help you find your purpose for your business and build a strong foundation.

Ready to see your business grow? Here's where to go next:

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If you want to look further into what I can do for you, visit my services page. If you want to get in my inbox, you can send me an email to katie [at] winncreativeco [dot] com. Or you can just fill out this form here.

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