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Hey there! I'm Katie, welcome to Winn Creative Co.

My mission is to help your business blossom.

Winn Creative Co.

Business is spreading like wildflowers! You've been pouring your heart and soul into what you do and you see the return coming. Unfortunately it's led to a lot of sleepless nights and cranky friends and family. It's time to pass of some tasks off to some who can exceed your needs (that's me!) so you can work on your main passion.


You have the passion and have put the effort into building a business or blog. But when it comes to social media and marketing, you just aren't positive you're doing it right. Get one on one guidance on every opportunity you have to improve your social media and marketing.

Winn Creative Co.

Ready for some knowledge bombs? Grow your social media and marketing skills and gain some reassurance that I do in fact know what I'm doing. I also may or may not have lots of freebies over on my blog. I even have a newsletter that comes with free personalized advice.


“Katie was absolutely wonderful and helped give me a clear, concise vision of what I want to come from my small business in a mere 60 minutes. I began our collaboration process feeling unsure of what I wanted out of my business, anxious to start and scared of how in the world I was going to learn everything. I left feeling energized, excited and unstoppable. I highly recommend Katie’s services to anyone and everyone. I’ll shout that girl’s name from the rooftops.”

Kayli SchattnerOwner of The Passion Punch

I’ve spent quite a lot of time filling my brain with social media and marketing knowledge and along the way I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. Fortunately, most of my mistakes were through the trial and error of my own personal brand. But hey, you gotta have a guinea pig when it comes to marketing and the ever changing social media world. I decided to create a list of my biggest newbie mistakes when I started in social media.

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Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Periscope? I’m guessing a good many of you raised your hand. Now, raise your hand if you’ve actually used Periscope for your business? I’m gonna guess a lot less of you raised your hand. Periscope has become the latest trend in social media and from the looks of it, it’s not going away any time soon. So, wtf are you supposed to use it for?

If you are new to Periscope,

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If you should ever want to know more about me outside of the social media and marketing bubble, I have a personal blog, Something Winnderful. (I’m a fan of my maiden name, if you can’t tell.) I created the blog right after college as a way to continue to develop my writing and as a source for practicing social media and marketing. But mostly, it was a nice little coping mechanism for dealing with the “oh man,

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What spark initiated the creation of your business?

It might have started with the realization that the hobby you enjoy can actually make you money. The necklaces you make as gifts? The hipster mom at the Farmers Market will throw her money at your for one. The fantastic design skills you’ve honed over the years? That local business needs new branding. That blog you’ve started just for fun? Thousands of people now hang on your every word.

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It’s been happening for quite some time now, but the commitment to a company Facebook page is shrinking. The algorithms are a constant struggle and just trying to get people to see your posts is getting harder and harder. It used to be trying to get people to like your page was the goal, but now getting the people who like your page to even see your posts in their feed is a battle. Is it even worth the effort?

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Marietta’s Quilt And Sew (MQAS) is a fantastic quilt shop located in Simpsonville, SC that I am lucky enough to work with. I began managing their Facebook page and marketing efforts this past February and have been able to produce wonderful results within the first month. If you are a results oriented person, you can scroll down to the results section and skip all the details. If you want to know exactly what I did and ideas you can apply to your own business,

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